thanks for your special made sukaji oil you made for kenzie.😍😘👌👍

Let me just say...the hair on the back of her head never fell out during the baby stage (thank ya Jesus) and never fell out or went completely bald but it was always VERY thin and fine.

Trying to braid it, use ballies, rubber bands was a NO-NO...they would just thin it more.

Been using this weekly, twice a week since December 3...a little goes a long way...and this oil has strengthened her hair, minimal to no shedding and growing thicker and fuller!! Braided with beads...as you can see!

C. Kilson (Delaware)


 I use to take hair for granted. I was blessed with my daddy's long,

thick tresses. I could let it grow down to my shoulders, then shave one side without hesitation or...

fry it, dye it and lay it to the side.....and in a month or two it'd all grow back. Those were the days!!! However, years of over processing my hair and medications caused my hair to seriously rebel; it become dry and literally stopped growing. It remained thick, but refused to grow like before. My hair met CC & her hair elixirs and I'm seeing phenomenal results. My hair and scalp have never felt better.....my scalp is sensitive and can't tolerate those man made agents. The elixirs have my hair growing again. Please see her if you're experiencing issues with your hair. Best of all there are no sulfates, parabens, petrolatum etc.... in her oils.

N. Waters (Delaware)

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